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Guide: Beth Cooper, CPLP, Senior Hospitality Manager for Flik Lifestyles

Great service doesn’t happen because you want it to happen. Unfortunately, there are no magic wands or secret formulas to create “great service.” Great service happens by design. We need a distinctive and well-organized model to ensure reliable, superior service and a great experience for our customers. This session lays the foundation for a distinctive Customer Service Approach and Service Priorities that you can implement to provide a memorable customer experience for all residents, staff, visitors and families at your community.

Guides: Lori Brenizer-Smith, CTRS, MHA, and Brad Norris, ACC, CCSI, Activities Consultant, Certified

This presentation examines the importance of good and ongoing assessment, care planning and program implementation, and how these complete the circle of therapeutic and meaningful engagement. Examples of program models commonly found in the arena of Therapeutic Engagement are explored, as will specific examples of situations where person-directed approaches have had significant impact on quality of life issues through meaningful engagement.

Guide: Kimberly Braham-Moody, Vice President of Rolling Fields in Conneautville, PA

This presentation offers a real life example of how a traditional long term care facility with a double loaded corridor of elder bedrooms initiated blended roles with the care partners in their home. You will learn how they identified the need, educated the concept, and worked through the processes up through implementation. Recent identification of regulatory requirements will be reviewed so those seriously considering a considering the Neighborhood Model, Household Model or any transformative model can be fully aware of the challenges associated with blended roles from a licensure perspective.

Guide: Dementia Care Specialist Beth Deely, RN, MSN, MPM

Learn about Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) and person-directed approaches to dementia. Objectives for the session include: understanding the unpredictability of living with LBD; what to do about the not-so-sweet dreams of LBD; exploring the behavior and mood challenges of LBD; andidentifying whether your resident may have LBD.

Best Practices

Organization: Frederick Living, Frederick, PA

Contact Person: Emily Messner ( and Ryan Klag (


In 2015, we formed a person-directed care advisory team at Frederick Living. This committee was composed of residents from our Cedarwood Health Center, a residential living resident, family members, CNAs, homemakers, nurses, the Resident Life Team Leader, and a member from senior leadership. The team was about 10 persons total. This idea to form this committee came from a brainstorming meeting at an off-site retreat for the Cedarwood leadership team in the fall 2014 with the idea to be very intentional in 2015 of furthering our person-directed care journey at Frederick.

The person-directed care advisory team used the Artifacts of Culture Change assessment from Pioneer Network to see how we were doing in living out person-directed care through looking at specific areas (care practices, environment, family and community, etc.). Though we had achieved several benchmarks, such as celebrating each person’s birthday individually, restaurant style dining, and consistent assignments, there were many areas the advisory team discovered where we needed to make progress.

The team prioritized those benchmarks from the Artifacts of Culture Change that had not been met and set-up task teams to achieve these priorities. The results have been amazing. A new program was started called Comfort Companions that utilizes volunteers so individuals have persons with them during their final days of life if they wish. Soap machines were lowered to wheelchair level in resident bathrooms, closet poles in residents’ rooms were adjusted for easier assess, and towel warmers were added to the spa rooms. Intergenerational activities were increased, individualized memorials with resident, family, and staff involvement now occurs at the community. Residents also shower or bathe whenever and as often as they would like. The person-directed advisory team is now moving into its third year and continues to remain an active and intentional way for person-directed care to become a reality at Frederick.

Organization: Frederick Living

Contact Person: Emily Messner ( and Ryan Klag (


Here at Frederick Living in our Cedarwood Health Center we hold weekly neighborhood meetings where we discuss what’s going on in the community for that day, the month to come, ideas for the future and also conversations about how day to day life is going. An idea came up several years ago to start a “Rummage Sale.”  Our residents wanted to participate in something purposeful where they could give back to our local community. In the months prior to the sale we collect items from our community for our residents to price up for the sale. The task of collecting and pricing the items gives the residents so much joy, along with lots of responsibilities in preparation for the sale date. The day of the Rummage Sale our volunteers and residents set up the auditorium with all the items to be sold. Our residents help the customers find items they are searching for, check them out at the register, and bag up any sold items. After the sale is completed we donate all of our items that did not sell to our local Liberty Thrift store. The collected money is donated to a local organization of the residents’ choice. The money is hand delivered by our residents to the organization where they are able to tell them all the wonderful memories they made during the preparation for the rummage sale.

Site Visits

There’s nothing quite like seeing person-directed living in action. There are several communities across the state that are willing to host groups on a pre-planned basis. Communities that have hosted groups in the past include:

  • Garden Spot Village, New Holland (Mid-State)
  • Passavant Community, Zelienople (Western)
  • Ann’s Choice (Eastern)

If you’re interested in visiting one of these communities, please complete the following form. [ADD A WEB FORM, WITH “NAME,” “COMMUNITY YOU’D LIKE TO VISIT” AND “EMAIL ADDRESS.”]